Sunday, April 27, 2008

Item No. 000001 now on eBay

Being in New York to celebrate my 30th birthday at the time I'm launching All My Life for Sale has proven to be a bit of a challenge. The use of Internet in my hotel — or anywhere near Times Square, for that matter — has proven a bit difficult.

But, I have posted the first item of the project. More items will be posted Monday evening. After that, items will be posted each Sunday.

I made this necktie my freshman year of high school in Minneola, Kan., as a project for home economics. It is one of two ties I made from the fabric. I gave the other tie to my friend Katy, and we wore them to awards night at our school.

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1 comment:

Light474 said...

There are some things that we buy and at the time we think that they are the coolest thing ever. The troll tie being one of them. I hope you can sell all your stuff and make lots of money off of it. Good luck with your new mission in life! ;)