Monday, May 19, 2008

Items No. 000016, No. 000017 and No. 000018 now listed

Check out the latest few items listed for sale on eBay. Click on the item title for each item to view the listing.

Item No. 000016
On one side of this shot glass, "COLLEGE" is printed in all capital letters. Printed on the other side is "The best six years of my life." The shot glass was a "gift" for filling out a credit card application when I was at Kansas State. There were far too many of these free gifts throughout my four and a half years in college.

Item No. 000017
While attending a conference in St. Louis, I met a girl named Elizabeth Taylor (no joke). She was from Oklahoma, and we ended up going to The Big Bang, a piano bar where we stayed until last call. I bought this shot glass to remember that bar. And Elizabeth Taylor.

Item No. 000018
This novel by Ben Patrick Johnson was given to me by my friend Brad who said it took him a while to get through it. I read the first chapter twice, but never read any more of the book. All I can tell you is it's about a group of friends who regularly meet at a diner.

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